The PRG was presented with several reports compiled by LDA consultants.  The parking consultant explained to the PRG that a recorder walked around the centre every half hour counting empty parking spaces.  This meant that the parking study did not show whether or for how long spaces were used in each half hour.  FoHV had hoped that the parking study would provide statistics on the behaviour of people using the car parks.  For this reason, FoHV requested a shoppers survey to ascertain usage.  LDA agreed and decided to also conduct another phone survey (one was conducted in August 2010).  Again, FoHV were disappointed in that, rather than asking specific questions, general questions were asked that could have several responses.  Once again, the importance of readily-available parking at Hawker was not shown.


2 responses to “Parking

  1. When conducting the parking survey the types of vehicles parking should be considered. Observations show that trailers, small trucks and larger vehicles at various times of the day use the car parks. It is not a park restricted just to cars.

  2. The bureaucrats do not appear to believe that trucks or trailers have any right to use the car parks. When usage by large vehicles was mentioned, the response was to discuss ways this could be policed, rather than catered for.

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