Community consultation

Consultation sessions on the draft master plan were held on Saturday 3 and 10  December 2012 with several sessions during the week.  Feedback sheets were provided at the display and also online.  The display comprised diagrams and a model of the Hawker Centre as it might look once fully-developed according to the draft master plan.  The consultation period continued until 31 January 2012, although feedback was accepted until 5 February.  The feedback sheets obtained under FOI show that 183 handwritten forms were submitted and 85 were submitted online, as well as twelve other submissions, totalling 280 in all.  Of these, 59% did not support the draft master plan, 36% supported it and 5% were undecided.  Those who did support the draft plan generally thought it was a good thing that would revitalise the Centre.  Many did not bother to make any other comments.  Those who did not support the draft plan cited concerns about  height and density of infill, loss of parking convenience, effect 0f a larger supermarket on other businesses, and poor quality residential development resulting in short-term occupancy.  There was a general feeling that the outcome would not be as rosy as the plan suggested.  The uncommitted believed that there were some good things along with some undesirable things and were generally unsure of the outcome.   See the Hawker Consultation Report.


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