Competition – good or bad?

In August 2012, reports started coming in that Woolworths had bought the Hawker IGA for $5.4 million.  One report was quite definite that the purchase involved the adjoining car park as well.  Queries to both the Chief Minister and local representative, Mary Porter, elicited responses to the effect that the Government knew nothing about the sale and would not be able  to do anything about a private sale anyway.  On 17 October,  the Australian Financial Review announced that the ACCC was tackling Woolworths over its plan to purchase the Hawker IGA.  On 22 October, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission advised the FoHV that it was conducting market inquiries into Woolworths Limited’s proposed acquisition of the Supa IGA supermarket located in Hawker, under section 50 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 which prohibits acquisitions that substantially lessen competition in the market or are likely to do so.  As an interested party, FoHV was invited to lodge a submission, which it did on 25 October.  Individual  members of the association also lodged personal submissions.  See  our submissions page.


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