Hawker SupaIGA – statement of issues

After examining submissions made to its enquiry into the competition effects of the possible takeover of the Hawker IGA by Woolworths, the ACCC has released a Statement of Issues.  This provides an opportunity for all interested parties (including customers, competitors, shareholders and other stakeholders) to ascertain and consider the primary issues identified by the ACCC.  It is also intended to provide the merger parties and other interested parties with the basis for making further submissions should they consider it necessary.  The ACCC considers that the proposed acquisition might have the effect of substantially lessening, preventing or hindering competition in the local market by removing Hawker Supa IGA as an independent rival in the market but will not make a final decision until 7 February 2013.  A  supplementary submission was lodged to address the issues raised.  At the request of Woolworths, on 18 January, an extension of time was granted for further submission.  The date for the ACCC’s final decision was eventually changed to 23 May 2013.


3 responses to “Hawker SupaIGA – statement of issues

  1. Maureen McDonald

    Hey, Robyn. Re article on front page of Chronicle. It says ‘While she didn’t do all of her shopping at the IGA….’. Why not? If you are in FoHV I would expect you to do just that. Some of us pay the higher prices and shop only at IGA expcept when they do not have an item we want. Then we go to big Supermarket. This is because we want to keep our local supermarket. Hope you don’t just buy the exotic at IGA. Will not help to keep them in business. I think you shop locally and encourage all your friends to do the same. Thanks for good work you do.
    Maureen K McDonald

  2. Robyn Coghlan

    Maureen, I agree entirely with your comment and am impressed by the number of people who hold similar views. Also, as the FoHV submission to the ACCC stated, the IGA carries many Australian brands that are no longer available in either Coles or Woolies. It is worth supporting Australian producers, too.

  3. Maureen McDonald

    Thanks Robyn. Good point. Glad people like you actually give your time to do things for us. Thanks and may we all keep shopping locally. Isn’t Hawker a great place to live!

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