On 5 March 2013, Friends of Hawker Village became an incorporated association.  This provides certain rights as well as additional responsibilities.  The interim constitution of the association contains objectives that cover developments in any of the four suburbs of the Hawker Village catchment area, i.e. Hawker, Page, Scullin and Weetangera.  Details of development applications for these suburbs will be placed on the DA’s page of this website to assist residents understand what is happening in their neighbourhood.


2 responses to “Incorporation

  1. Claire Kaspura

    Good evening

    As a resident of Hawker, I am wondering who the “friends” of Hawker are? Will you post a list of Office Bearers, Committee etc plus contact numbers? Because these details are missing from the website, how can local residents be represented.

    Claire Kaspura

  2. Claire,

    Thanks for the suggestion. The list of committee members is now on the About page with the email contact.

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