Another one bites the dust!

On 4 July, the ACCC announced (Media – news release – Hawker Supa IGA) that it had concluded that “the proposed acquisition would not result in a substantial lessening of competition in any market”.   FoHV issued its own media release immediately.  The ACCC acknowledged that “the loss of this differentiated offer from the local market will involve the loss of some competition” but this would no involve “a substantial lessening of competition (as) required under s.50 of the
Competition and Consumer Act”.  This decision was based on the fact that the majority of responses to the survey showed that “Most customers used the Hawker Supa IGA as a limited part of their overall grocery shopping”.  The opinion of those who do most of their shopping at the Hawker Supa IGA appears to have been outweighed by the opinion of those who only do convenience shopping there.


4 responses to “Another one bites the dust!

  1. Received 5 July: This Hawker resident feels it is an absolute disgrace – the law is an Ass – makes one wonder who is in the ACCC ‘pocket’ – this is result is just the thin edge of the wedge for the proposed development to become a reality now that Woolworths have a voice as they will most certainly want to expand the shop – into the existing carpark!!!

    I also question the so called Hawker residents survey the ACCC performed as I live quite close to the shops, (having downsized for that specific reason) and am usually in the shopping complex if not everyday certainly every second day and not once did I see anyone conducting a survey nor did I receive anything in my letter box hmmmm!

    The Friends of Hawker Village Inc team must be very disappointed with the ACCC decision after all the effort put into preventing the IGA from being swallowed up by one of the big supermarkets – yet another ‘corner store’ gone west along with the friendly personalized service.

    Best wishes to you and the FHV Team


  2. Received 4 July: surprise! surprise!
    Wonder whose pocket is wet?
    Oh well, thanks very much for all your efforts in trying to keep the place as we have come to know it. What’s the bet the ‘high’ rises soon follow?
    Thanks and regards

  3. Great to see that only views that agree with FoHV are posted .

    How surprising !

    I don’t expect to see this note either.

    John Krnc

  4. Where do i shop now?

    What can i do, i feel very aggrieved, i live in Latham, i chose to do my supermarket shopping at Hawker after Supabarn sold its franchise to Wollworth-less in Kippax some years ago. I thought i offered loyalty to Hawker IGA and shopping centre – but where do i go now?

    I hate Wollies and Coles with avengence, i will not shop there on a matter of principle, I am a member of Slow Food, which supports independent food producers and retailers.

    I was not surveyed by the ACCC, which obviously has no idea of the clientele of the Hawker IGA (apologies to Florey – but really you aren’t in the same league, come variety or price).

    To the head of the ACCC, if you are listening – you are restricting my right of choice to consume, and it is going to make my life that much more difficult to exercise that choice, thanks very much.

    Ian of Latham.

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