Letter to the Editor

Bad site for bins

Susan Swift’s concerns about charity bins (Letters, January 18) are shared by Friends of Hawker Village. We, too, have expressed our concerns to Shane Rattenbury over the past two years to no effect.

The eight bins at Hawker were moved from a site where trucks had easy access, to an entirely inappropriate and less accessible site.

The bins, together with their dumped goods, now sit adjacent to a grassed area (formerly used by tradesmen to have their lunch), between two other car parks and directly opposite residences. Trucks are often either prevented from accessing the bins due to occupied parking spaces or are forced to drive onto the grass to access the bins from the other side.

The new site was apparently chosen because it offered better surveillance that would discourage dumping. The end result: we now have bins in a problematic location, while dumping continues.

Published in the Canberra Times 22 January 2016


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