Charity bin removal possible

“The ACT government is considering removing charity bins altogether from some shopping centres, fed up with the mess created by dumping.

Territories Minister Meegan Fitzharris said the bins in Gungahlin, Kippax and Kambah are particularly bad, but she wants to hear from residents about other bins as she considers removing them when the two-year permits expire at the end of June.”

Friends of Hawker Village have lodged several complaints over the past two years since the bins were moved from the Springvale Drive car park to the Coniston Street lawn.


One response to “Charity bin removal possible

  1. Graham Brading

    Why do they exist? It’s too inviting to offload worthless, needless items. Both Kippax and Belconnen have charity shops to take your items to and they will assess whether it’s re usable.

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