ACAT appeal

The ACAT decision regarding the redevelopment of 1 Petterd Street on the corner of Belconnen Way in Page has now been received.  In brief, the decision is much as we expected in that the ACTPLA decision to vary the lease was affirmed on a legal technicality, so the development can go ahead; however, the Tribunal has put considerable effort into recording our various concerns and in criticising the original building decision (which it has no power to overturn at this stage).  The Tribunal observed that, if our main concern that these house-sized buildings in RZ2 containing a residence and flat are allowed greated density (smaller setbacks and greater plot ratio of building to land size) than adjoining blocks with a single dwelling is an unintended consequence, then “the ACT Government will need to revisit the definition of ‘dwelling’ as currently provided in the Territory Plan.” 
The decision is available at and has been uploaded to our website for anyone keen to learn more: (under DAs/Page – second entry).

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