Hawker Village Centre

In February, FoHV wrote to Meegan Fitzharris, the newly-appointed Minister for Transport and Municipal Services, to apprise her of our concerns re the Hawker Centre.  We have now received a reply with the following responses:

  • The central plaza:  “Additional landscaping of the square, including the removal of the caged area would enhance the amenity and functionality of the public realm and this will be considered for future works programs.”
  • Smoking in the caged area:  “Under existing ACT laws, smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces, including shopping centres … and … in outdoor eating and drinking areas”.  A ban is being considered at children’s playgrounds.  The public realm within the centre is cleaned daily in the early morning.
  • Tree loss in car parks:  TAMS will consider planting replacement trees in the car parks when future planting programs are carried out in the area.
  • Charity bins:  A decision is expected soon about the future locations of charity bins in the ACT having regard to non-compliance, i.e. dumping of goods around the bins.

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