Monthly Archives: November 2017

150 Belconnen Way, Scullin Update

This has been a good month in that the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal has released their decision on 150 Belconnen Way, Scullin –
The Tribunal agreed with our concern that it was over-development of the block and not appropriate for that part of the suburb.  The DA was rejected.  Unfortunately, the Tribunal did not address the question of the particular building type that is unique to this part of Canberra and results in odd blocks being classified as multi-unit dwelling blocks.  Our battle to have the definition of a single dwelling block changed will have to continue.

Belconnen Way, Weetangera development

Hi there,
I thought I would send The Friends of Hawker Village a huge Congratulatory Thankyou Message on your success in preventing the large proposed unit block being offered on three blocks of land facing Belconnen Way between Springvale Drive and the Ellen Clark Park.
This area is one of my ‘dog walking’ routes and I have been non too happy to see the large For Sale sign advertising what a developer could build on these three blocks.  Last Monday I noticed a lot of activity at each of the three houses and thought “oh dear, looks like the properties are being cleared for demolition”, walking towards Springvale Drive I noticed a chap putting framework around a gravel parking area on the nature strip in front of the house closest to Springvale Drive, so I commented saying “looks as though the apartments are going ahead”.  I had to keep a very straight face when he answered “No, thanks to the Friends of Hawker Village, we now have to renovate each house so that we can put them on the market as individual properties”.  He wasn’t bitter, he said he could see both sides of the story.  I wanted to jump for joy!!!
Well done Friends of Hawker Village.  Keep up the great work,
A resident of Hawker for 35 years.