Monthly Archives: January 2018

Dual occupancies

The Canberra Times of 15 January carried an article about a dual occupancy redevelopment of a Mr Fluffy block in a Residential Zone 1 area of Chapman.  At least one such block in Weetangera is being redeveloped as a dual occupancy (44 Davis Street). Redevelopment of the first Hawker dual-occupancy Mr Fluffy block at 24 Mataranka Street has been notified – see details and plans on our website under DAs/Hawker.
Most of you will be aware that Mr Fluffy blocks over 700 RZ1 areas may have two full-sized dwellings and may be unit-titled.  Ordinary blocks in RZ1 (residential areas not designated for densification) are only allowed a secondary residence up to 90 sq.m. and cannot be unit-titled.
Last Tuesday, FoHV met with Mr Gentleman, the Planning Minister, to discuss our concerns about the overdevelopment of random blocks containing a residence with attached flat that was the subject of our appeals re 1 Petterd Street, Page and 150 Belconnen Way, Scullin.  The Minister understood our concerns and indicated an intention to find some interim control until such time as the legislation can be amended.  On Thursday, we received an invitation from the proponent to discuss revised plans for the Scullin block involving five dwellings instead of the original six.