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Death of Warren Prince

Warren Prince was a founding member of Friends of Hawker Village.  We are grateful for his efforts and extend our sympathy to his family.  His death was notified in today’s Canberra Times:

Warren Prince death notice


Boarding houses

Yesterday’s Canberra Times contained an article about a proposal to build a “boarding house” for 24 residents on an RZ1 block in Giralang.  If approved, this would have ramifications for all residents in ordinary suburbia.  Friends of Hawker Village lodged a submission on this development application on the basis that it involves a complete reinterpretation of the term ‘boarding house’.

Our submission is available on our website under ‘Submissions’.  The main issues are the Territory Plan definition:

Boarding house means the use of land to principally provide long term accommodation where meals, laundry or other services are provided only to those residents of the boarding house, and which is not licensed to sell liquor.

and the dictionary definitions:

Boarding house:  a place, usually a home, at which board is furnished, often with lodging.

Board:  a table, especially to serve food on; daily meals, esp. as provided for pay.

Boarder:  one who is supplied with meals and lodging.

In our opinion, this proposal is more correctly categorised as a student residence or hostel, neither of which should be appropriate for either an RZ1 or RZ2 zone.