New bus network – thumbs down

The proposed changes to the ACT bus network seem to reduce the convenience for Hawker residents.  The bus route will change to No. 44 and will now travel through Hawker via Murranji Street instead of around Erldunda Circuit.  This is a disincentive for those living on the upper slopes of Hawker to catch a bus.  Once on Kingsford Smith Drive, instead of turning into Higgins to reach Kippax, it will move down Drake Brockman Drive to the western end and then turn at the golf course, proceed north along Spofforth Street all the way to Southern Cross Drive, where it will head into West Macgregor.  From there, it will about turn to Southern Cross Drive, head eastward to Beaurepaire Crescent and south through Holt before turning north on Starke Street and finally reaching Kippax – brilliant!  Talk about going around in circles – it is almost as bad as the route 32 (currently 40) from the town centre, which travels south down Eastern Valley Way to the Jamison Centre, heads west through Macquarie, turns southwards up Coulter Drive and then east through Cook and Aranda to the city.  The current 44 route along Belconnen Way will cease and Hawker residents will still not have a bus connection to Jamison.


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