Response re major roadworks

Thank you for your query about the road works on William Hovel Drive (WHD) near Coppins Crossing Road (CCR).
The westbound merge of WHD has been placed east of the Coulter Drive traffic signals due to safety concerns associated with the road works at the WHD / CCR intersection reconstruction. The merge is required to get traffic into one lane to allow space for the intersection to be fully reconstructed to a signalised standard. We are now working in the middle of the WHD roadway so there are frequent movements of workers across and adjacent to the westbound carriageway of WHD to access the work site.
Initially, as part of our roadworks, a short westbound merge was installed on WHD just west of the Coulter Drive signals – just before the roadworks zone, to avoid having to merge the traffic east of (ie before) the Coulter Drive signals. A 60km/h zone was in place from east of the signals to try to slow traffic down through the work site. However, what we found was that cars and trucks would not slow down to 60km/h and instead speed through the signals and then quickly merge just before our roadworks. Most vehicles were still doing 80km/h (or more) through our work-site. This caused the added problem of making it very difficult for cars turning right out of CCR due to the speeding vehicles on WHD causing only short gaps in the westbound traffic to form.
By placing the WHD westbound merge east of the Coulter Drive signals, vehicles have to slow down before the signals. The westbound traffic is now noticeably slower (and safer) through the work site, with the added benefit of larger gaps between cars allowing vehicles to more easily turn right out of CCR. There has been a number of complaints about the difficultly in turning right from CCR onto WHD (as well as some minor accidents), so the current arrangement assists that problem also.
While it is acknowledge that there are some delays for westbound traffic we believe having the merge in its current location is highly desirable due to the safety of the workers on site, as well as assisting traffic turning right out of CCR. Your patience and co-operation is much appreciated. Please also note that upon completion of the work a far safer and more efficient intersection will be present.

(Response to a Fix My Street query)


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