Kippax expansion

An item of possible relevance to the Hawker Centre is the 4,000 square metre extension of the Kippax Centre to cater for future Ginninderry residents.  Despite being a group centre like Hawker and Jamison, Kippax will have three supermarkets – Aldi, Woolworths and Coles – just like the town centres.  The big question is whether this will have a further adverse effect on the Hawker Centre where Woolworths is only a Metro rather than a full supermarket and several shops are now empty.  What do you think?


One response to “Kippax expansion

  1. Robin McCallum

    We live in Higgins so Kippax is close but increasingly we choose Hawker for its convenient parking, the Bakery (Kippax lost two bakeries since Wwths came), smaller supermarket, the Medical Centre, butcher and occasionally other businesses. I am hoping that Hawker can add to its village centre feel and thrive. The playground area is important and could be made safer for adventurous toddlers – just a thought. Expanded Kippax is not looked forward to by us – and conversations I have had indicate that businesses that have been there for many years are anxious .

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