Improving the appeal and amenity of our suburbs

A local resident is proposing to improve the small park on Erldunda Circuit between Ambalindum Street and Woolner Circuit. This would involve applying to the ACT Government for a grant to cover costs. She is seeking ideas and expressions of willingness to help. Current suggestions are:
* Non-native deciduous trees along the existing path, around the swing and the bench, plus landscaping and mulching;
* Landscaped interactive playground behind the bench;
* Existing eucalypt groves underplanted with local native shrubs to form windbreaks;
* Additional seating, i.e. benches or picnic tables.
>>> If you are interested, email your responses and ideas to Frances via:


2 responses to “Improving the appeal and amenity of our suburbs

  1. Are you across the parking on Southwell St issue. The ACT Government has just confirmed they will be installed no parking signs on Southwell St on the side of the street with even numbers across from the oval, hoping this will improve the flow of two way traffic during oval training activities. Given cars do not park on that side of the street, only using the oval side, blocking the two way flow of traffic, it seems a little ineffective. Have you heard about this?

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