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Bigger is not better

A majority want our governments to do more to combat climate change but energy-use is only part of the answer. We need to address a growing disconnect between climate objectives and planning.

Consultancy reports such as that on the growth potential along the Civic to Woden tram corridor are examples of the type of thinking causing the problem. The extension of the tram to Woden will be used to justify higher densities that allow no imagination and no vision; just a plethora of apartments and treeless suburbs.

Will we be content to accept this as long as the new dwellings don’t have gas connections and there are two enormous electric (rather than petrol-driven) SUVs in the driveway? I cannot believe that Canberrans want to see the amenity of our beautiful city destroyed in this way.

If we must have more population then increase housing supply by taxing investment properties that are empty for more than six months of the year; reduce plot ratios in new developments to enable trees and gardens to flourish; re-invigorate (for both social and private purposes) models of tree-friendly cooperative housing such as Swinger Hill, Urambi Hills and Wybalena Grove and take full advantage of the potential of buses for flexible public transport use.

There is so much we could and should be doing to ensure that the Canberra of the 21st century is a genuinely green city.

Dr Jenny Stewart, Torrens

Canberra Times, 11 May 2022