• was established by local residents on 26 June 2010 at a community consultation in the Hawker Centre on the proposed sale and development of two public car parks.
  • held its first public meeting on 14 July 2010 at the Belconnen Soccer Club.
  • requested a master plan for the Hawker Centre at a meeting with the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope on 23 November 2010.
  • participated in the Project Reference Group for the master plan, conducted during 2011 by the Land Development Agency.
  • held a second public meeting on 24 January 2012 to discuss the draft master plan.
  • became an incorporated association on 3 March 2013.
  • is not affiliated with any political party.


  • to be non-political;
  • to engage the Hawker community to determine what the majority of the community want from the Hawker Village shopping centre;
  • to ensure that the majority of the community prevails for the Hawker Village shopping centre;
  • to preserve the things that we value, such as the type and range of shops, restaurants, retail food outlets, pharmacy, newsagency and medical/professional practices;
  • to protect the amenity of the church, soccer club, bus route, public toilets, service station, taxi rank and post office;
  • to retain the easy access (and safety for pedestrians) that we enjoy to all Hawker Village facilities with plenty of parking adjacent to them;
  • to maximise the openness and solar access of the village space consistent with the existing ground level shopping centre;
  • to work to ensure that any Hawker developments are assessed within an overall Hawker master plan;
  • to monitor proposals to redevelop the Hawker Village shopping centre and its catchment suburbs of Hawker, Page, Scullin and Weetangera.

READ:          Our Brochure  – September 2010 (277 Kb)

                   Our Constitution

JOIN US:  FoHV Application form

Membership is valid for the financial year.  Payments received from 1 April carry through to the end of the next financial year.  Membership is currently $15 per person per annum.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Nomination form

Convenor:  C. Lyons,  Deputy Convenor:  V. Hill,  Secretary:  R. Coghlan,  Treasurer:  C. Gingell,  Members:  P. Lockwood.  Public Officer:  A. Wing.

CONTACT US:     by email or comment below.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hallo Hawker Friends, this is the only way I could submit my comments to you about Hawker shops in general. I shop there every day. It’s very convenient, has everything I need, and truly I was lost when the supermarket was closed for 3 weeks recently. My complaint though is that the surrounds are filthy, and I wonder if someone could organise a clean with a high pressure hose. The gutter outside Woolworths is full of leaves and rubbish, and all of the footpaths are very dirty. This really detracts from the place.
    Also, I would like to see the traffic changed to one way in and out, the ‘in’ being from the bakery end and out past the Club. This is because the traffic there is constant, and there are near miss accidents with people pulling out both ways and trying to get out. It would be similar to Florey Shops.

  2. Mitchell Lester

    Hi, I was hoping to get some information about one of the shops at Hawker. I am looking to open a cafe in the empty store opposite Olive. Any information or knowledge about store would be appreciated.

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