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RZ2 Public meeting

Macquarie residents in the RZ2 suburban area designated for redevelopment and densification are holding a public meeting to discuss issues of relevance to all residents of those areas across Canberra.

When:  Monday 18 December from 5.30 pm to 7 pm-ish

Where:  Macquarie Primary School Hall

All are welcome to attend.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Further  to our previous report, on 5 December a Notice of Reconsideration was received for the three blocks on Belconnen Way, Weetangera, near Springvale Drive.  This involves a totally new design for eight two storey townhouses in semi-detached pairs around a central driveway.  This could be expected to require lodgment of a complete new development application rather than reconsideration under the original DA which was rejected on 23 June 2017.  Comments on the reconsideration close on 4 January!
On 12 December, a Notice of Decision was received for the DA at 9 Smith St, Weetangera.  This involves two blocks at a bend in Smith St with minimal road frontage.  The number of dwellings has been reduced from 15 to 14.  Other minor changes have been made to address the various issues raised during consultation.  Further review can be requested within 28 days of the date of the notice which was 7 December, thus taking the request period up to 4 January!

150 Belconnen Way, Scullin Update

This has been a good month in that the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal has released their decision on 150 Belconnen Way, Scullin –
The Tribunal agreed with our concern that it was over-development of the block and not appropriate for that part of the suburb.  The DA was rejected.  Unfortunately, the Tribunal did not address the question of the particular building type that is unique to this part of Canberra and results in odd blocks being classified as multi-unit dwelling blocks.  Our battle to have the definition of a single dwelling block changed will have to continue.

Belconnen Way, Weetangera development

Hi there,
I thought I would send The Friends of Hawker Village a huge Congratulatory Thankyou Message on your success in preventing the large proposed unit block being offered on three blocks of land facing Belconnen Way between Springvale Drive and the Ellen Clark Park.
This area is one of my ‘dog walking’ routes and I have been non too happy to see the large For Sale sign advertising what a developer could build on these three blocks.  Last Monday I noticed a lot of activity at each of the three houses and thought “oh dear, looks like the properties are being cleared for demolition”, walking towards Springvale Drive I noticed a chap putting framework around a gravel parking area on the nature strip in front of the house closest to Springvale Drive, so I commented saying “looks as though the apartments are going ahead”.  I had to keep a very straight face when he answered “No, thanks to the Friends of Hawker Village, we now have to renovate each house so that we can put them on the market as individual properties”.  He wasn’t bitter, he said he could see both sides of the story.  I wanted to jump for joy!!!
Well done Friends of Hawker Village.  Keep up the great work,
A resident of Hawker for 35 years.

Escalation of densification

At the end of last year, FoHV lodged an objection to a Development Application to build six two-storeyed townhouses at 150 Belconnen Way, Scullin which currently contains a house-sized building comprising a residence and flat.  At the beginning of this year, we received the Notice of Decision for the Scullin proposal which was rejected on the grounds cited by us and other local residents.  This decision is available on our website at, under DAs/Scullin.  We have now applied to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal to be joint parties with ACTPLA in defending their decision.  If the decision is overturned, this will set a precedent for similar blocks to be redeveloped in this way with major ramifications for the suburbs of Page, Scullin and Weetangera as well as for traffic safety on Belconnen Way.
It is also pleasing to see that The Olive restaurant is being well-patronised.  This development was first heralded after FoHV wrote to the owner of the building two years ago about the run-down appearance of the building and the depressing effect of the two empty shops (former dry cleaners and video store). The restaurant has provided a welcome lift to the Hawker Village.
Also of local interest is this article on Ron’s Bookshop:

Starting a new year

Although it is not within the Hawker group centre precinct, the Committee have, after much consideration, decided to appeal a development approval on Belconnen Way, Page.  Our appeal has been made to the ACT Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal on the basis that the development would set a precedent that could result in adverse consequences for residents and for access to the Hawker Centre.

Most of you will be aware of the flat-roofed house at the corner of Petterd Street and Belconnen Way, Page, that was demolished recently.  This house comprised a residence with attached flat and the block has been treated as multi-unit, meaning it is subject to densification limits different from those applying to neighbouring single-dwelling blocks.  As a multi-unit block, it has been approved for five dwellings covering 65% of the block.  A single-dwelling block of its size of 1,075 sq.m would be permitted to have only three dwellings covering 50% of the block.

It is not obvious that there are ten of these duplexes on the 45 blocks in the Page section of Belconnen Way between Coulter Drive and the underpass to the Hawker shops, five of them around the Springvale Drive intersection.  This is because, when constructed, they were required to retain the appearance of an ordinary residential house.  The blocks in question are random suburban blocks that were not specifically designated for medium-density development as were the two-storeyed duplexes at the Cook shops, for instance.

There have been three development applications for this property, all of which are detailed on our website along with the Notice of Decision for each one (see  We would welcome your comments either by email or on our website.


On 5 March 2013, Friends of Hawker Village became an incorporated association.  This provides certain rights as well as additional responsibilities.  The interim constitution of the association contains objectives that cover developments in any of the four suburbs of the Hawker Village catchment area, i.e. Hawker, Page, Scullin and Weetangera.  Details of development applications for these suburbs will be placed on the DA’s page of this website to assist residents understand what is happening in their neighbourhood.