When plans are lodged with the ACT Planning and Land Agency for approval, a three-week community consultation period is announced.  The detailed plans are made available on the website at ACT Planning.  Relevant documents will also be placed on the Friends of Hawker Village website under the relevant suburb.

Another useful information source is the ACT Government’s interactive mapping service at actmapi.  This provides a range of maps showing different types of information.  The most useful category is the Territory Plan.  After making a selection, the first image to appear is a map of the ACT.  Clicking on the + button will enlarge the image until suburbs are visible.  Hold the curser over the relevant suburb and drag it into the centre of the screen.  Keep clicking on + until the image enlarges sufficiently to show fine detail.  This will involve continually moving the image so that it focusses on the block or area of interest.

A further source of information is available on the AllHomes site under the Research category.  Search for a particular street, then click on the block of interest.  Additional information can be found under the heading ‘View advanced maps and land information’ which is located in small print under the heading ‘Parcel Information’ for the chosen block.


The above map shows our suburbs of concern, i.e. Hawker, Page, Scullin and Weetangera. The different colours represent different zones. Ordinary residential suburbs are RZ1, shown in buff. Those designated for densification are RZ2 shown in pink. Red is higher density development such as the Hawker flats. Blue represents shopping centres. Green is designated open spaces such as playing fields, the abandoned and disused Hawker tennis centre and other parks or walkways. Yellow includes schools and church facilities, as well as the Belconnen Bowling Club.


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