The following links are provided for information relevant to current planning.

Reporting progress of Ambalindum Park

Hawker Community Gardens Facebook page

Margo Saunders, Canberra:  what sort of city? Inside Story, 9 November 2012

Dickson Residents’ Group and Dickson Master Plan May 2011 (1.63 Mb)

Alliance of Planning Groups website:  PlanWiseACT

ACT Government Community Engagement:  Time to Talk

The Riot Act (9 June 2012) on community consultation

End of affordable housing in Melbourne (3.7 Mb) by Bob Birrell, Ernest Healy, Virginia Rapson and T. Fred Smith at Monash University’s Centre for Population and Urban Research

Save Our Suburbs arguments against densification

“Forcing density in Australia’s suburbs” by Tony Recsei

Professor Patrick Troy on the densification and sustainability debate

Chris Walsh, “Urban stormwater and the ecology of streams” (1 MB)

Barney Foran, Charles Sturt University, The Dolly Parton Effect: a bigger Australia may not be better, 27 April 2011

Amy Mullins, University of Melbourne, on the dilemma of growth, The Drum – Opinion, 29 April 2011

Apartments: how close is too close?  The Urbanist, (29 May 2012) on inner city apartments

Apartment dwellers get single-minded, The Canberra Times, 16 January 2012



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