Master plan

At a meeting with the Chief Minister on 23 November 2010, it was agreed, at the request of Friends of Hawker Village, that an indicative master planning study should be undertaken for Hawker.  The resultant draft master plan was put out for community consultation in December 2011.  For further details, see the following documents:


An Overview of Hawker Master Plan PRG Project Reference Group’s 21 meetings

Leaflet on the October 2011 draft Hawker Objectives

Infill or Overkill, the Hawker Centre draft master plan – key issues

A A GUIDE TO THE DRAFT HAWKER MASTER PLAN, an outline of the main practical features of the plan accompanied by a critique of those features

A summary of Hawker shopping surveys

LDA Documents

PRG Consultants

PRG Flowchart


Retail and Viability Assessment MacroPlan_Hawker_Presentation

Overview of community reponses to master plan

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