The resources presented here have been selected to provide an eclectic range of commentary on planning issues.  Some have been downloaded from the web, others have been copied from the web into a pdf document to ensure their availability.  They have been divided between two pages:  one being general documents, the other being ACT government documents.  Other information is available on the Links page.

Existing apartment buildings in Hawker Centre

To the right is the latest building constructed in Hawker.  It fronts onto a cul-de-sac at the rear of the centre.  The nineteen two-bedroomed units have balconies facing north onto Belconnen Way.  The end unit farthest away is  supposedly commercial but no such activity has ever been observed there.


On the left is part of the original 29 blocks of flats uphill from the Hawker Centre, containing a total of 233 units.  These flats are various sizes with one, two or three bedrooms.  All have north-facing balconies and all have cross-ventilation.  All rooms have windows, there are no internal rooms.


The four blocks of Panshanger Gardens (opposite) were built later and face KFC on one of the three sections of land originally planned to be part of the commercial group centre.  They comprise 24 one-bedroomed units operated by ACT Housing Trust.  Two blocks of the original units above are also operated by ACT Housing Trust.


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