General Resources

Reporting progress of Ambalindum Park


Evidence-led planning

National Capital Authority, Public participation in metropolitan planning in the ACT by Andrew Mackenzie & Rebecca Sorensen (165 Kb)

Retreat to the backyard and other articles on city planning and backyards (30 KB)

Apartments not sustainable, Lynne Blundell, The Fifth Estate, 20 September 2010

A Tale of Two Cities, Austin Chronicle 15 December 1995

Better Cities, Dr Susan Oakley, University of Adelaide, 2004

Boston high-rise and objectors, Boston magazine, 2012

Energy consumption and the Built Environment:  A Social and Behavioural Analysis,  Bill Randolph and Patrick Troy,  March 2007

Our Cities, submission by Tony Recsei, 26 February 2011

PIA Urban Policy, Planning Institute of Australia, 1 March 2011

NSW Planning review, submission by Tony Recsei, 4 November 2011

Is Suburbia doomed? Joel Kotkin, New Geographer, 30 November 2011

The Economist’s Living Cities Report

Waking up from the housing nightmare, Colin Long, Eureka Street, 5 May 2008


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