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How complicated can a planning framework be?

On 20 August, Friends of Hawker Village Incorporated held its Annual General Meeting and elected a new committee.  The committee members for this year are shown on the About Us page.  The highlight of the AGM was a dissertation by a Canberra planner on the planning framework.  This comprises a hierarchy of commercial centres – Civic Centre, group centres (such as Hawker) and local centres (such as Weetangera); the division of responsibility between the National Capital Plan and the Territory Plan – reflected in the division between National Land and Territory Land, as well as designated land and leasehold land.  The other important distinction is within the Territory Plan.  Each suburb has a Precinct Map and special provisions that apply to individual blocks are included in the Precinct Code.  Any provision in a Precinct Code takes priority over a similar provision in the relevant Development Code, eg. building height on a specific Hawker block might be higher in the Precinct Code than that specified in the Commercial Zones Development Code which would otherwise apply.  Likewise, provisions in a Development Code take precedence over any similar provision in the General Code.  A master plan helps to clarify how the different rules and criteria apply.


What’s been going on?

In response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, FoHV received a large number of documents from the several agencies with responsibility for ACT planning issues.  These showed that the government had been considering the sale of the Hawker car parks from at least 2000 and probably earlier, when the Territory Plan was introduced and car parks ceased to be designated as such but were zoned for commercial use.  Various reports were commissioned during this decade, culminating in the Hawker Planning Study of November 2009, submitted after the first community consultation held in September 2009.  FoHV have compiled a summary of the FOI documents (see A History of the Proposed Sale of the Hawker Car Parks).  This summary was written after, and refers to, the development proposal presented by LDA at the information session on 26 June 2010.