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Faux faults

The PRG was taken through a SWOT analysis ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of Hawker.  Many of the perceived failings were cosmetic rather than substantial and some stemmed from the previous planning philosophy that had guided the centre’s design or from its topography, i.e. location on a shallow gully leading to the underpass.  The fact that it was located near but not on Belconnen Way, for traffic safety reasons, meant that some people had found it hard to locate the shops.  Trees and shrubs around the perimeter have tended to hide the shops from view of passing motorists.  The fact that the parking areas were separated from the shops meant that it was inward-looking with few “active frontages” and little “passive surveillance”.   There was some follow-up discussion of the analysis but no real evaluation of the relative importance of the various strengths and weaknesses, nor the likely impact of the identified opportunities and threats in the specific Hawker situation.