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Another one bites the dust!

On 4 July, the ACCC announced (Media – news release – Hawker Supa IGA) that it had concluded that “the proposed acquisition would not result in a substantial lessening of competition in any market”.   FoHV issued its own media release immediately.  The ACCC acknowledged that “the loss of this differentiated offer from the local market will involve the loss of some competition” but this would no involve “a substantial lessening of competition (as) required under s.50 of the
Competition and Consumer Act”.  This decision was based on the fact that the majority of responses to the survey showed that “Most customers used the Hawker Supa IGA as a limited part of their overall grocery shopping”.  The opinion of those who do most of their shopping at the Hawker Supa IGA appears to have been outweighed by the opinion of those who only do convenience shopping there.


All things must come

After further postponing their decision on Woolworths’ proposed purchase of the Hawker IGA, the ACCC commissioned Roy Morgan to conduct a shoppers’ survey by telephone and on-site at the Hawker shops.  The ACCC has now announced that their decision on whether the purchase would be anti-competitive will be released on 4 July – Independence Day (USA).  Is this significant?

Hawker SupaIGA – statement of issues

After examining submissions made to its enquiry into the competition effects of the possible takeover of the Hawker IGA by Woolworths, the ACCC has released a Statement of Issues.  This provides an opportunity for all interested parties (including customers, competitors, shareholders and other stakeholders) to ascertain and consider the primary issues identified by the ACCC.  It is also intended to provide the merger parties and other interested parties with the basis for making further submissions should they consider it necessary.  The ACCC considers that the proposed acquisition might have the effect of substantially lessening, preventing or hindering competition in the local market by removing Hawker Supa IGA as an independent rival in the market but will not make a final decision until 7 February 2013.  A  supplementary submission was lodged to address the issues raised.  At the request of Woolworths, on 18 January, an extension of time was granted for further submission.  The date for the ACCC’s final decision was eventually changed to 23 May 2013.