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ACT Elections 2016

A list of issues and questions was circulated to all candidates on 5 September, seeking responses by 22 September, when the list of candidates will be announced officially.  The main intention was to inform them of the matters that currently concern members. Responses to the questionnaire will be compiled and circulated as soon as possible after 22 September.  The questionnaire can be viewed here: fohv-candidate-questionnaire-2016.  The responses received are available at the end of this item.

Responses to individual questions:

Q.1 City in the landscape

Q.2 Population growth

Q.3 Concessional leases

Q.4 Local shops

Q.5 Hawker village

Q.6 ACT planning

Q.7 Political donations

Q.8 Maintenance in older suburbs

Q.9 Irregular densification

Q.10 Planning flexibility

Q.11 Greening vs heat island

Q.12 Funding schools for complex needs

Responses received from candidates in order of receipt:

Martin Tye



ACT Labor