Consultation on WHD duplication

The Belconnen Community Council had a presentation on 14 November and are ready to run a special meeting on December 14, prior to consultation closing on the William Hovell Drive duplication on 19 December, if there’s enough interest. TCCS have offered to update on progress at that time. If you’d like BCC to run this event, please get in touch by 7 December at The current information on WHD is at

Lanes of William Hovell Drive

2 responses to “Consultation on WHD duplication

  1. Christine Coghlan

    Access to Kama Nature Reserve from the small car park on the Pinnacle side at the underpass is to be denied because the bikeway will take it. See YourSay Conversations / William Hovell Drive upgrade / details / FAQ / Roads and public transport. No consultation because “it is not a public reserve”! How about building a parking area beside the ranger’s track on the other side of William Hovell Drive?

  2. This underpass is to be used by the shared path – for both pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, a dedicated bike lane will run down each side of William Hovell Drive. This makes it dangerous for cars to attempt entering the existing small carpark as they will have to cross the bike lane, as well as having to slow down significantly on a 90 kph downhill slope on a bend.

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