Precinct code – rewrite or change?

The ACT Planning and Development Agency (ACTPLA) released Technical Amendment 2012-06 for community consultation in late October.  This amendment to the Territory Plan involved transferring various provisions relating to individual sites in the ACT in different codes located throughout the Territory Plan to a single code, specific to each site, known as a precinct code.  With assistance from several sources, we were able to trace the origin of the various rules and criteria contained in the Hawker precinct code.   Most of them came from the Group Centres Development Code which no longer exists.   There was one criterion that had been reworded and seemed to have potential for a less favourable outcome than the original wording.   After discussion facilitated by Mary Porter, ACTPLA agreed to retain the original wording.  The technical amendment (including the Hawker precinct code) was incorporated into the Territory Plan on 14 December.   As a technical amendment, it did not need approval from the Legislative Assembly.


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